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Patricia | Office Manager and Tech Chiropractic Assistant

Patty, Office Manager and Tech Chiropractic Assistant

Patty, Office Manager and Tech Chiropractic Assistant

I am Patricia, as the office manager and one of tech CA at LiveWell Family Chiropractic. I make sure the “behind the scenes” part of the office runs smoothly. I also get the pleasure of doing exams with some of our new patients and checking up on their progress on a regular basis. When required I do Orthotic scans and help people choose a suitable orthotic for their life style, to help them on their healing journey.

I am often asked what I love most about my job and find it very hard to choose one thing! To start off, I work with the most genuine and caring group of people I have ever met. Our team truly do care about one another and their well being, and it’s an amazing feeling to come to work and know you are cared about in such a way. Our team members all bring a fun and exciting energy to the office and contribute hugely to the laughter and joy that fill the office. Aside from the relationships I have developed with my co-workers, the relationships developed with patients are also unreal! Seeing the life changing results that happen and knowing that I was blessed to be a part of their journey is one of the most rewarding feelings I could ask for.

I have an older sister, a younger brother, and a strong, loving mom that pretty much raised us on her own. Animals are and have always been one of my greatest loves in life and I currently reside with my best friend Beth and her parrot Chub Chub. Prior to joining the LiveWell Family Chiropractic team, I worked in a pet store for 8 years and have a vast knowledge of all kinds of animals. I enjoy yoga, baking, walks and spending time with people that mean the most to me!

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