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Meet Dr. Kris Stepney

Everything changed when I found chiropractic.”

Dr. Kris Stepney

Dr. Kris Stepney

Finding an Interest in Chiropractic

Dr. Kris Stepney first saw a chiropractor when he was in high school to help with a back injury he received while playing football. “It piqued my interest into the field of chiropractic, but it wasn’t until university (when I was going through some health problems) that I had a final push into my chosen career path.”

After visiting a new chiropractor while in college, Dr. Kris soon realized that his other health issues (including IBS, skin rashes, chronic colds and strep throat infections he suffered through up to four times a year) could also be helped by chiropractic. He began to see major improvements in his overall health, and made the connection between true wellness and chiropractic care—turning Dr. Kris’ life around.

“My chiropractor explained and showed me how the stresses in my life were shutting my body down. He explained that without giving me more pills he could help me. This is what ultimately led me to chiropractic.”

Chiropractic Techniques

A Chiropractic Education

Witnessing the drastic health improvements he got through chiropractic care helped Dr. Kris make the decision to become a chiropractor. He attended Northwestern Health Sciences University for his chiropractic training, where he met Dr. Jennie (the best part of his educational experience).

“I knew I’d graduate with a diploma, but I didn’t expect to graduate with a wife, too!”

Outside of the Office

Dr. Kris is a motorcycle enthusiast who enjoys camping, fishing, and snowboarding. He plays indoor soccer, mountain bikes, and runs regularly to stay healthy. He even recently completed his first triathlon and his first half-marathon.

It is Dr. Kris’ mission to serve his community and enrich his patients’ lives with chiropractic. “I expect great things to happen for my patients. Helping them is the best job in the world!”

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